Chen Duxi is a Beijing, China-based artist. He was born in Chengdu, Sichuan in 1983.


Chen mostly demonstrates his works through the concept of “Threads”. He has been long focused on motions of objects and multi-dimensional expression of the time. His works involves Chinese heritage elements of nature and people, but through the hands of a Neo-tradition. Chen draws influences from infinite intimacy with crude state-of-the-nature. He tempts to capture the subtle stability of “Qi” (air; aura), extracts the hidden “Shi” (grandeur; momentum) from the nature, further exploring the intangible source of the crowning touch for his artistic inspiration. For example, when a bird flies, we see the motions of a bird-like shape, but we also experience an internally emotionalized impact. Chen is embodying that intrinsic feeling within. He believes that creations of visualization could open up numerous doors that show us a world beyond conventional perceptions.


Chen graduated from BFA program at Chengdu Academy of Fine Art in 2006, and then graduated from Oil Painting Advanced Course at China Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2008.

Some recent major exhibitions include: “Voice of the Spring”, Nouvel Institut Franco Chinois, Lyon, France, 2017; “Two Sides of a Coin”, Gallery 55, Shanghai, China; “Thinking about Not Thinking”, Yishu 8, Beijing, China, 2016; “End of the Fall”, Solo show, Yishu 8, Beijing, China, 2015; “Confronting Anitya: Oriental Experience in Contemporary Art”, Yuan Art Museum, Beijing, China; The Kunstmuseum Bonn, Bonn, Germany, 2014; “Memorandum”, White Space Beijing, Beijing, China, 2013; “The Time Kept”, The Fringe Club, Hong Kong, China, 2010




2008  Graduated from Advanced Study Class of Oil Painting from 
  China Central Academy of Fine Art
2006 Graduated from Chengdu Academy of Fine Arts

Now Living and Working in Beijing, China


solo Exhibitions



Emerging From The Twilight, Salon Ten in WF Central, Beijing


Chen Duxi Solo Exhibition, Art 8site, Paris, France


Wild State, Gallery55, Shanghai, China

2017 Rhuthm Of Spring, Sino-French University History Of Museum , Lyon
2016 Two Sides Of A Coin, Gallery55, Shanghai, China
2015 Lonely Fisherman, Chen Duxi Exhibition, Art 8site of Sino-French University, Beijing, China





BOOMERANG-OCAT Biennale, Shenzhen

2019 GAIA, Champs Élysées Guerlain Flagship Store, Paris, France
  Purity of Mind, Fu Qiumeng Fine Art, New York, USA  
  Blissful Land II: Still Waters Run Deep, Shanghai Himalayas Museum, Shanghai, China
  Jingting Mountain, Tong Gallery + Projects, Beijing, China
2017 New Stele School 3 Confucianism & Realism, CAFA Museum, Beijing, China
2016 Between Thinking and No Thinking, Art 8, Site of Sino-French University, Beijing, China
2015 Praise the Tea, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China
  Inner Clarity, Boxes Art Space, Shenzhen, China
2014 Confronting Anitya—Oriental Experience in Contemporary Art, Yuan Art Museum,  Beijing, China
  Confronting Anitya—Oriental Experience in Contemporary Art, MoMA, Bonn
2013 Memo, White Space, Beijing, China
2010 Long Quan Bath, Beijing, China
  The Time Being Kept, Art Commune, Hong Kong, China
2009 Change, Art Channel Gallery, Beijing, China

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