News | Eight FQM Artists showcase their works at the United Nations


installation view


In celebration of the 2023 United Nations Chinese Language Day, the Permanent Mission of the People’s Republic of China to the UN, the Chinese Translation Service (DGACM), and the UNSRC Chinese Book Club have jointly organized a painting and calligraphy exhibition titled “The Highest Virtue Resembles Water (上善若水).” The exhibition showcases works by professional artists, highlighting the significance of water in traditional Chinese culture while emphasizing its crucial role in the UN 2023 Water Conference and sustainable development.


installation view


The exhibition features a total of 15 works from eight FQM artists, including Arnold Chang, C.C. Wang, Chen Duxi, Michael Cherney, Yau Wing Fung, Wang Mansheng, Tai Xiangzhou, and Zhang Xiaoli. These works illustrate the vital energy of water that flows through all living things, resonating with the theme of the "Year of Water Rabbit." The exhibition is on display in the South Wall Lobby at the UN Secretariat Building in New York from April 17th to April 28th.

April 21, 2023