News | Chen Duxi’s Paintings on View at Guimet Museum in Paris

Guimet Museum, Paris


Two works on silk by Chen Duxi are now on view at Musée national des arts asiatiques-Guimet. The exhibition “Kisses from Beijing” is organized by Sophie Makariou, president of MNAGG, Henry-Claude Cousseau, president of Yishu8 Association, and Christine Cayol, founder of Yishu8. The exhibition included the works by 20 French and Chinese artists and is on view through February 27th. 


Installation view

Chen Duxi, Chiyi #70 and #71. On View.


As the previous Yishu8 artist in residence, Chen Duxi presents two works on silk, Chiyi #70 and #71. 

Installation view

The study of movements is central to the Chiyi series. Water flows, diverges, and merges according to different lays of land. Chen writes, “To capture the myriad states of water through drawings and paintings is analogous to expressing the movements of all fluid matters. In other words, the act of painting transcribes the summative effects and properties of such moving entities.” Chen trained himself to mirror his hand motions to the flowing water in an attempt to “release the act of painting from the binary opposition between the subject (painter) and the object (water).” “Moving with the observed movements––which stems from I-ching,” Chen states, “is the basis of all of my observations and drawings.” 


Installation view


January 21, 2023