Fu Qiumeng

Founder and director at FQM


New York, U.S.





 M.S. Leadership in Creative Enterprices, Northwestern University


 B.A.  Communication, Michigan State University



Founder and director



Fu Qiumeng works at the intersection between east and west, contemporary and traditional. After leading a series of successful art projects starting from 2016, She opened the permanent gallery space in NYC. A specialist in Chinese classical painting with broad interests in global art, she envisioned a diverse space dedicated to hosting events and exhibits that examine mainstream narratives tied to contemporary culture and East Asian visual expression. Today, the gallery is respected for inclusive programming that accommodates scholarly interests and collectors' activities, promotes established and emerging artists, and transcends traditional limitations on style, medium, and artists' ethnicity. 


Over the past several years, Fu Qiumeng Fine Art has gained a reputation for developing exhibits that offer a fresh perspective on aesthetic practices connected with East Asian history and culture. In 2020, Christie's Asia Contemporary Department invited her to curate White Ground, which included conceptual calligraphy by Fung Ming-Chip and collaborative, photographic-ink work by Arnold Chang and Michael Cherney. Between December and January of 2020-2021, she produced the notable exhibit Authentic or Forgery: How does a Chinese Connoisseur work? Fangyu Wang's Research on Bada Shanren. Fangyu Wang (1913 – 1997). In 2021 the gallery hosted a solo retrospective for Japanese-American Minimalist artist Hisao Hanafusa, Hisao Hanafusa: Nothing but Recollection, and Cosmic Matter: From Nothing to Being, complementing Tai Xiangzhou's solo exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago. At the beginning of  2022, the gallery exhibited New York Rhythms: C. C. Wang's Calligraphy. In May of the same year, Fu Qiumeng became the first millennial gallerist selected to participate as an Asian art specialist for Asia Week New York. Apollo magazine featured her debut Asia Week show, Ink Affinities: The Collaborative Works of Arnold Chang and Michael Cherney, as a program highlight. Fu Qiumeng Fine Art exhibitions were selected as an Artnet ‘News Editor’s Pick’ and regularly feature among NYC-ARTS’ ‘Top Five Picks.’ Several major museums, including the Art Institute of Chicago, Cleveland Museum of Art, and Harn Museum of Art, acquired works from recent shows. 

Fu Qiumeng commitment to education and connoisseurship informs her practice at every level. The gallery’s Research and Production wing works with the Wuge publication unit to develop critical commentary that provides a junction between artistic expression and its intellectual conception. These international and interdisciplinary collaborations contribute a range of interpretive frameworks. They also help position the artists, and their work, within the rich legacy of East Asian visual culture, history, and philosophy.