News | Five artists FQM represents are exhibiting at United Nations

In Celebration of Chinese Language Day at United Nations

In celebration of UN Chinese Language Day 2022, the Permanent Mission of the People’s Republic of China, Chinese Translation Office of DGACM/DD, and UNSRC Chinese Book Club co-sponsored an exhibition of painting and calligraphy by contemporary Chinese artists. The Magic of Zen includes 18 Zen-inspired paintings and calligraphy works by nine established Chinese and Chinese-American artists. 



A total of nine works from artists FQM represents were included in the exhibition: Wang FangyuWang ManshengFung Ming ChipTang Ke, and Tai Xiangzhou. These works illustrate Zen aesthetics such as mystique, tranquility, depth, elegance, and simplicity while reflecting the Chinese painting ideology of “drawing artistic inspiration from both within and without.” The exhibition will be on view from April 18th to 29th in the Curved Wall Gallery of the Secretariat Building at New York’s UN Headquarters.




April 23, 2022