Interview with Mansheng Wang

August 13, 2019
“The first of the six rules of Chinese painting is rhythmic vitality. How to achieve rhythmic vitality? One must follow the rhythm of nature and gain a good sense of balance.”
Fu Qiumeng Fine Art presents Interview with Wang Mansheng. In this interview, the artist talks about his use of reed plumes as brush, his notion of “flavor of bronze and stone inscriptions”, and his observation of mountains. Incorporating modern strategies into the introspective serenity of traditional Chinese art, Wang aims to capture the spirit of Chinese master painters, while revitalizing and transforming the essence of their work in his landscape painting, calligraphy, monotype and woodcut Buddha sculptures.
Wang Mansheng’s ink pigment Artist Wang Mansheng

Wang’s works are drawn primarily from his imagination, informed by his deep love of nature, particularly mountains, a favorite destination for the sketches and photography that serve as a resource.  His feelings and mood lead him to his subject matter; he often begins with an abstract monotype image and then steps back to see where the ‘veins’ of the formations and flow of water reveal themselves. Through the layering of bold brushwork, ink washes and unconventional techniques that combine printing and painting, his works feel more three-dimensional than classical Chinese paintings.