Contemporary Ink Artist Yau Wing Fung

In this video, Yau Wing Fung introduces the concept and originality of his artistic practice. Yau is especially interested in new aesthetic possibilities brought about by technology. A direct reference for him is satellite image, especially those used for recording weather changes and geographic information. 

Yau’s works reframe the idea of guan and yuan through a contemporary lens. Guan refers to a contemplative way of looking that involves viewers’ imagination of a space that expands outside the picture frame. Yuan inspires people to look beyond the visible and finite towards the boundless and infinite. “Guan represents my inner sensibility and feeling when I encounter an object; yuan encapsulates my spiritual pursuit when I paint,” Yau wrote. His works offer new expressions of guan and yuan by reconfiguring perspective, pictorial depth, the balance between emptiness and solidness, and surface texture.