Catch a glimpse of life—Fung Ming-chip

August 10, 2020

“All lines are beautiful, as long as an artist knows how to use them. Having freed lines from traditional constraints, I find new ways to explore and create lines.” 

In the past two months, we have invited our artists to record video clips that offer glimpses of their life and thoughts during quarantine. In this video, artist Fung Ming Chip explains his thoughts about the visual logic of Chinese landscape painting in a simple yet intriguing manner. This part of the video includes three sections: “The Spirit of Lines: Traces of a Rolling Egg”; “The Spirit of Lines: The Boundary of Darkness”; and “The Spirit of Lines: The Reason of Instruments”. At the end of the video, the artist showcases the amplifier he made by himself. 
Fung began carving seals in 1975. He holds the view that seals should be an art form independent from its impression-making function. To free seal carving from its functional purposes, Fung altered the structure of Chinese characters, compositions, the surface texture of woodblocks, and the materiality of seals. Since 1996, Fung has been devoting himself to calligraphy. Up until now, the artist has invented more than one hundred calligraphic scripts.