Joy Xiao Chen

Guest Curator


New York, U.S.


Sylvan C. Coleman and Pam Coleman Memorial Fund Fellow 

Department of Asian Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York




Ph.D. candidate, Art History, University of California, Los Angeles

2016 M.A., Art and Architectural History, Boston University
  Graduate Certificate in Museum Studies
2014  B.B,A., Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  First Class Honors, Dean's Award



Guest Curator




Joy Xiao Chen is a scholar of Ming-Qing Chinese arts and visual culture. A Ph.D. candidate in art history studying with Professor Hui-shu Lee at the University of California, she is working on her dissertation that investigates the landscape arts of Xiao Yuncong (1596-1669) and the dynamics of localisms and regionalisms in loyalist art in seventeenth-century China. In 2021- 2023, Joy was awarded the fellowships in History of Art and Visual Culture at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and worked as the Sylvan C. Coleman and Pam Coleman Memorial Fund Fellow in the Department of Asian Art. She completed her M.A. in Art History at Boston University in 2016 and worked as a Research Associate in Chinese Art at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston before starting her Ph.D., where she assisted curating the Chinese Song Gallery and the China's Eight Brokens exhibition. Her research has been generously supported by the UCLA Asia Pacific Center, Harvard University, and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Joy began studying Chinese painting and connoisseurship with Arnold Chang in 2019 and has engaged in deep discussion with the artist on his creation of landscape paintings since then. 







2024. April 25  The Mountains Show and Hide: Color in The Landscape Paintings of Arnold Chang




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