All’s Well, Ends Well.

Yau Wing Fung, 2019
Publisher: Fu Qiumeng Fine Art

Pages: 74

Art book published on the occasion of Yau Wing Fung’s solo exhibition All’s well, ends well., held at Fu Qiumeng Fine Art from September 13th to November 9th, 2019.


Yau Wing Fung’s recent paintings combine traditional aesthetics and a contemporary sensibility by mobilizing the vocabulary of classical landscape painting as well as the aerial view of satellite image. This article focuses on the spatial configuration of Yau’s Looming Sceneries. Works of this series feature cloud and rock fragments that stretch over the whole composition. By studying Yau’s appropriation of technological imagery, the author examines how the artist reframed pictorial elements such as time, perspective, and pictorial depth in a way that reconfigures the relationship between traditional aesthetics and contemporary visuality.


Published on September 2019

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