News | The Calligraphic works of Michael Cherney and Wang Mansheng are exhibiting at the Huntington Library

The Huntington

Celebrating the recent opening of the final phase of its Chinese Garden, The Huntington presents an exhibition of contemporary Chinese calligraphy as the inaugural installation in the garden's new art gallery, the Studio for Lodging the Mind. The exhibition, designed to illuminate the art form and foster deeper appreciation of its expressive qualities, will be presented in two 16-week rotations of 20 works each.


MICHAEL CHERNEY [QIU MAI], Flowery Grove, 2018 Hanging scroll, ink on paper; calligraphy written in cursive script


The work of 21 contemporary ink artists will be featured, including Bai Qianshen, Michael Cherney, Grace Chu, Fu Shen, Lo Ch’ing, Tang Qingnian, Wang Mansheng, Wan-go Weng, Zhu Chengjun, and Terry Yuan, among others. The works on view comprise the original calligraphic scrolls that served as the models for inscriptions throughout the garden. To complement the show, a series of calligraphy demonstrations by featured artists will be offered during the run of the exhibition inside an adjacent structure known as the Flowery Brush Library.


WANG MANSHENG, Treading the Void, 2018 Handscroll, ink on paper; calligraphy written in a combination of seal and clerical scripts.


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Liu Fang Yuan 流芳園, the Garden of Flowing Fragrance, reflects the traditional style of scholar gardens in Suzhou, China, and features a 1.5-acre lake, a complex of pavilions, a teahouse and tea shop, stone bridges, and waterfalls set against a wooded backdrop of mature oaks and pines. The garden’s final phase includes new pavilions, a restaurant, and an exhibition complex. At more than 15 acres, the garden is one of the largest classical-style Chinese gardens in the world.


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April 27, 2022