News | Fung Ming Chip’s Light Line Script Acquired by the Art Institute of Chicago

Fu Qiumeng Fine Art is delighted to announce two acquisitions of work by Fung Mingchip by North American institutions: an ink on rice paperwork Light Line Script, 2003, by the Art Institute of Chicago.


Light Line Script was created in 2003. This work evinces Fung Ming Chip’s long-term research on traditional calligraphy and his continuous investigation of calligraphic space and its paper support. For Light Line Script, Fung first wrote down the characters in light ink. Before the ink dried up, he applied ink to part of the Xuan paper, leaving certain areas blank. As the ink was only partially absorbed in places where the water of the characters had saturated the paper, the characters floated atop this layer of ink. The area that Fung left blank is reminiscent of light shining through slits, which is why the artist named it Light Line Script.


Since 1996, Fung has been devoting himself to calligraphy. By inventing new scripts, he invites viewers to expand their understanding of calligraphy on the various front, including time, space, lines, and conceptual framings. He believes that the writing of various scripts offers an insight into the mental and emotional state of the artist. The process of the ink drying up on paper betrays traces of time passing. The arrangement of brushstrokes invites viewers to explore the space inside a character.

August 29, 2020