News | Wang Mansheng: “Wang Mansheng: From Silk Road to Hudson River” Solo Exhibition at Connecticut College

Wang Mansheng’s solo exhibition opened on February 5, 2020 at Connecticut College. Entitled “Wang Mansheng: From Silk Road to Hudson River,” the show features about eighty works that span the past thirty years, including ink paintings, calligraphic pieces, photographs, prints, and sketches.


Wang finds the culture, the language, the food and customs along the Silk Road resemble those of the place where he grew up, the yellow earth loess high plains of Shanxi. When preparing for the show, Wang saw many connections between his artworks and sites along the Silk Road, including his copying of Han period calligraphy from 2,000 years ago discovered along the Silk Road, studies of Buddhist figures found at Dunhuang, and landscapes of this arid region. The show also reveals the artist’s inspiration drawn from the nature of the Hudson River Valley, where he has lived for more than twenty years.


In conjunction with the show, Wang gave a lecture at Connecticut College on February 5, 2020.

June 10, 2020