• fu qiumeng gallery space.

    Purity of Mind


    March 17th–May 21st, 2018



    65 East 80th Street, Ground Floor, New York, NY 10075


    Fu Qiumeng Fine Art is pleased to announce “Purity of Mind,” its inaugural group exhibition, on view during New York’s Asia Week, at the gallery’s 65 East 80th Street location. Featuring compelling works by some of the most influential artists ranging in date from the Chinese modern period to the present day.


    Arnold Chang, Michael Cherney, Chen Duxi, Tai Xiangzhou, C.C. Wang, Fangyu Wang, Kelly Wang, Wang Mansheng, Yau Wing Fung

  • Sages, possessing the Tao, respond to things.

    The virtuous, purifying their thoughts, savor images.

    As for landscape, it has physical existence, yet tends toward the spiritual…

    Now, sages follow the Tao through their spirits, and the virtuous comprehend this.

    Landscapes display the beauty of the Tao through their forms,

    and humane people delight in this. Are these not similar?


    —Zong Bing (Fifth Century AD.)

  • black and white painting of mountains.

    In the fifth century AD., scholar Zong Bing wrote of the Daoism in the form of landscapes, which allow humane people experience the joy of enlightenment through traveling in nature. The representation of the forms of landscape paintings was based on a compositional format that did not rely on scientific perspective. This particular artistic choice expressed the essence of Dao.

  • black and white ink painting of clouds and mountains.

    “Purity of Mind” explores the spatial awareness that is based on Eastern classical ideology and aesthetics and is manifested in traditional Chinese poetry, calligraphy, and painting. The work of these artists harmonizes with the classical literary methodology of contemplation, which observes nature from various perspectives, composes the landscape in accordance with the theory of yin and yang in order to convey the rhythm of emptiness, through contemporary global practice.