• gallery wall showing a painting of a woman carrying a tiger on her shoulders.

    Souls Apart


    December 27, 2017 – January 17, 2018



    Avanguardia Zharing 空间


    Fu Qiumeng Fine Art is pleased to announce SOULS APART as the inaugural exhibition in Beijing. Featuring compelling works by some of the most influential artists working from the Chinese contemporary working period: Arnold Chang, Tai Xiangzhou, Wang Mansheng, Guo Wei, Guo Dian and Michael Cherney. These artists all represent the artistic trend of transcending the conventional visual language of landscape paintings.

    Crossover fashion project with Avanguardia Zharing.

  • gallery wall with a painting of a man in a suit.

    The exhibition is divided into two parts, the first part consists of oil paintings by artists Guo Wei and Guo Dian with the theme of character narrative, discussing the contradiction of emotion and behavior, the conflict between self and society in the contemporary context. These highly tense brushstrokes and images bring the viewer a challenging visual impact in the way of absurdist drama, exploring the contradiction and conflict of contemporary humanistic society.

  • As the poem by Tao Qiansays, "You ask how it could be so?A secluded heart secludes wherever you are.."


    The second part presents a series of works by the artists Arnold Chang, Michael Cherney, Tai Xiangzhou and Mansheng Wang, which are based on the ideas of the classical Chinese literati, giving the viewer an Arcadian simplicity of idyllic life, in an uncertain and unfinished narrative, to close the exhibition. The exhibition ends with an uncertain and unfinished narrative. These two seemingly divergent main lines of work explore the duality of contemporary emotional projections, the present and the philosophical, life and the ideal.