Catch a glimpse of life-Arnold Chang

August 10, 2020

“In Chinese painting I discovered an art form that cultivates creativity and originality through structure and discipline. The Chinese paintings that I admire most are those that attain a dynamic balance between perceived opposites-realism and abstraction, expression and contemplation, transience and permanence, square and round, soft and hard, modern and traditional, East and West, Song and Yuan- in other words, works by artists who are somehow able to reconcile the dichotomies, concrete or symbolic, that are ever present in nature and are manifested in all aspects of society.” 

In the past two months, we have invited our artists to record video clips that offer glimpses of their life and thoughts during quarantine. In this video, viewers will have a chance to look at Arnold Chang’s studio in New Jersey. He will show viewers the artworks on his walls, the beautiful scenery around his studio, and take us on a boat tour on the lake outside his studio.A Chinese art curator, researcher, scholar, and teacher of Chinese painting and connoisseurship, Arnold Chang received traditional literati painting training in his early life. He applies the materials, tools and techniques that were widely used in China since the 10th century to create; and is dedicated to exploring the beauty of balance in water, ink, brushwork, and linear rhythm. His work includes ink linear experiments, abstract landscape, and collaborative works that combine photography and painting.