Kathleen Yang

Independent Scholar; Guest Scholar at FQM

Kathleen Yang is an independent scholar, student of C.C. Wang and contributing author in Chinese art publications. She is also the author of Through A Chinese Connoisseur’s Eye: Private Notes of C.C Wang.



contributed to

FQM Exhibition Article:  C.C. Wang’s Journey from a Traditional Literati Painter to Calligrapher of Abstract Art



"试论《溪岸图》与《风雨归庄图》的关系。" 博物院, 2018年, 第5期, 双月刊,总第11期, 099页-105页

"Riverbank: Its Provenance and Original Name.” Orientations, July/August 2017, p.60-67
"重谈《溪岸图》,  索印章,流传史和原画名应为《风雨归庄图》,图  濬泉(Denis Yang)。“ 典藏2017 June p.144-150
"王季迁读画筆记。” 中华书局, 2010.12
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