News | A Recap of the "Reunion Between the Tunes of Guqin and the Ritual of Matcha." Event

 ▲ FQM x Chanoyu New York Event  ©The FQM


With great excitement, we recently concluded our event, "Reunion of Guqin Tunes and Matcha Ritual," a second-time collaboration with Chanoyu New York, led by the Japanese Samurai tea ceremony master, Yoshitsugu Nagano. Special thanks to Guqin Master Liu Li, President of the New York Guqin Association, and renowned Chinese flute player and founder of the Melody of Dragon, Chen Tao, for their mesmerizing performances and insightful historical explanations.


  ▲ Yoshitsugu Nagano, Qiumeng, Liu Li, and Chen Tao  ©The FQM


In harmony with our ongoing Chinese Qing Dynasty(17-19th Century) Chinese fan art exhibition, "Whispers of Elegance," we united to celebrate the timeless connection between ink art, tea ceremony, and the melodies of Guqin and flute that date back to 10th century China. Participants journeyed through the ages, immersing themselves in the enchanting world of Guqin and the profound ritual of Matcha.


  ▲ FQM x Chanoyu New York Event  ©The FQM


We deeply appreciate everyone's presence, making this ritual and cultural experience more memorable. Stay tuned for more exciting artistic activities in the future as we continue to weave art and tradition into the tapestry of our lives.

November 16, 2023