News | Fu Qiumeng was recently invited by Worldjournal to participate in a podcast interview

Fu Qiumeng was recently invited by World journal to participate in a podcast interview, where she eloquently outlined FQM’s mission. The gallery's primary objective is to seamlessly blend classical aesthetics with a contemporary context, fostering a space where both East Asian classical and contemporary art cultures can harmoniously coexist.


Qiumeng's journey towards establishing this gallery was rooted in her profound passion for classical Chinese culture and art. Following her completion of undergraduate and graduate studies in the United States, coupled with extensive experience working in auction houses in both countries, she developed a profound understanding of the current state of ancient art and its respective audiences in both nations. In this process, she identified a significant gap in the market – a dearth of contemporary galleries dedicated to artworks rooted in traditional Chinese concepts. This realization served as the catalyst for her entrepreneurial endeavor.

In tandem with its overarching mission, Fu Qiumeng Fine Art is currently hosting an exhibition entitled "Whispers of Elegance," centered around folding fans and fan leaves. This exhibition delves into the cultural narratives and intrinsic beauty of this unique art form from the East.


You can access the full podcast interview on various major platforms such as Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Apple Podcasts by searching for "世界 OnAir."


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November 9, 2023