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Asia Week New York

Zhu Da (Bada Shanren, 1626-1705), Flowers on A River (detail), handscroll, ink on paper.
Collection of the Tianjin Museum


The Nuts and Bolts of Chinese Painting: Connoisseurship,
Brushwork and Materials

Asia Week New York

Zoom Webinar, Wednesday, November 16, 2022, 5pm EST

Join AWNY for an illuminating and exhilarating Zoom webinar about China’s rich and sophisticated traditional paintings. Artist Arnold Chang (Zhang Hong) demonstrates the distinctive brushwork and painting techniques that comprise this ancient art form. Willow Hai of China Institute and Joseph Scheier-Dolberg of the Metropolitan Museum of Art will preview and spark our interest in two extraordinary Chinese classical paintings by noted masters Bada Shanren and Wang Yuanqi, respectively, which you can see in New York in March. Accomplished collector Dr. Matthew Edlund will provide insights into his experiences acquiring Chinese paintings over many years. AWNY’s Liz Hammer will moderate the program.



Fast-forwarding a Landscape: Painting with Brush and Ink
Arnold Chang (Zhang Hong), Artist


Meet Bada in New York, His “Flowers on a River” from the Tianjin Museum
Willow Hai
SVP, Director of China Institute Gallery
Chief Curator of the Exhibition


March Highlight: Wang Yuanqi's “Streams and Mountains without End”
Dr. Joseph Scheier-Dolberg, Oscar Tang and Agnes Hsu-Tang Associate Curator of Chinese Paintings, The Metropolitan Museum of Art


Art as Words, Painting as Politics
Dr. Matthew Edlund, Director, Center for Circadian Medicine and collector


Elizabeth Hammer, AWNY Production and Content Manager
Hammond Museum and Japanese Stroll Garden, Executive Director


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November 3, 2022