News | Arnold Chang exhibited at Fairfield University Art Museum

Fairfield University Art Museum

ink/stone exhibition presents works by Chinese artists from the 20th and 21st centuries who engage with ink and stone as materials, subjects, and concepts. Employing a range of techniques and media, the artists make diverse points of contact with older Chinese artistic traditions. Some embrace the emphasis on ink brushstrokes on paper or silk to render mountainous landscapes or rock forms; others incorporate media and styles usually associated with western painting: oil on canvas, or gouache and watercolor. Yet others use photography, industrial processes of fabrication, or create conceptual and performance art. The contemporary works are shown together with older stone objects such as Buddhist steles, a scholar’s rock, and inkstones, which provide historical touchpoints for the artists’ reinterpretations of these forms and media.


Arnold Chang (Zhang Hong 張洪) (American, b. 1954) Searching for Solitude in the Mountains, 2002 Handscroll, ink on paper Lent by Jane and Leopold Swergold


ink/stone will include work by An Ho, Bingyi, Arnold Chang, Gu Wenda, Huang Yan, Lee Chun-yi, Liu Dan, Qiu Deshu, Zhan Wang and others. The exhibition is curated by Dr. Ive Covaci, Adjunct Professor of Art History at Fairfield University, and will be presented in the museum’s Walsh Gallery alongside the exhibition SEEING IS BELIEVING: CROSSINGS AND TRANSPOSITIONS, PART II organized by Professor of Studio Art Jo Yarrington.


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April 7, 2022