News | Christie's Presents Wang Fangyu: A Wenren in America

Christie’s Asia Week New York 2022 Special Exhibition

Exhibition | Wang Fangyu: A Wenren in America

18-23 March
Christie’s New York



Christie’s is pleased to present Wang Fangyu: A Wenren in America, a special exhibition of paintings and calligraphy by China’s foremost artists, collectors and scholars of the 20th century. The exhibition explores the rich network of artistic friendships Wang Fangyu built and cultivated over five decades – connecting cultural figures such as Zhang Daqian, Hu Shi, Lin Yutang, C. C. Wang, Yang Renkai, Qi Gong and Zhang Chonghe – that shaped the discourses on collecting and exhibiting Chinese paintings in America. Rarely-seen artworks gifted to and collected by Wang Fangyu, as well as his own art, will be featured.

March 3, 2022