Exhibition | Michael Cherney 秋麦 qiumai at Redtory Museum of Contemporary Art

Being and Inking – Documenting Contemporary InkArt (2001-2016)

Hall 1&2, Redtory Museum of Contemporary Art (RMCA), E7 Gallery, D6 Gallery

2016.6.5 - 9.4


Michael Cherney participated in  the large-scale international art exhibition “Being and Inking: Documenting Contemporary InkArt (2001-2016)”. It is organized by Redtory Museum of Contemporary Art, curated by the celebrated art critic Pi Daojian and the young scholar Yan Yong, This exhibition is the most important thematic exhibition of literature and artworks of contemporary ink arts after the exhibition “China: 20 Years of Ink Experiment(1980-2001)” launched 15 years ago on Guangdong Museum of Art. 




August 21, 2016