Michael Cherney 秋麦

MUSÉE Magazine 展览评论| “Yet, Only Voice Echoed.”

Curated by Cathy Fan, the Chief Editor of Artnet China, “Yet, Only Voice Echoed” is a poetic journey of translation between text and image, ancient and contemporary, as well as East and West, while challenging and complicating these simplistic divisions in the process. It will be on view through Aug. 21.

Madame Figaro专栏|秋萌:林泉栖隐——山水绘画的精神意象和变迁

在中国艺术史的发展中,“归隐”这一具有理想主义的精神意象是根植于文人艺术内部的创作源泉之一。时过境迁,科技日新月异的当下社会背景中,这条东方文脉依然隐藏在巨大的变革背后,影响着当下的艺术创作。在古代和当代,艺术家对“归隐”是如何理解的?现代科技如何影响了艺术作品所呈现的“归隐”?通过对两组作品的分析,下文将试图回答这两个问题。Madame Figaro MODE 特别邀请FQM |艺术与视觉文化计划创始人秋萌讲述山水绘画的精神意象与变迁。


(English) Eight handscrolls from Michael Cherney’s Ten Thousand Li of the Yangzi River series are on view at the Shandong Art Museum as part of the First Jinan International Biennial. This biennial lasts from December 13, 2020 to March 12, 2021. Entitled “Power of Harmony”, it presents 596 pieces of artworks from 132 artists.

佳士得纽约 X 秋萌 | 亚洲当代艺术特别项目《白底》

For all the confirmed March appointments, we will coordinate another time for you to visit. Thank you for your understanding. In the meantime, we will be sharing content online and on social media (QM Fine Art) of our current exhibitions A Room of One's Own.

Catch a glimpse of life-梁铨

Catch a glimpse of life—Liang Quan , 2020, 1 min 27 s

Video: Liang Quan
Editor: Q Lin

Catch a glimpse of life—Liang Quan

“When I went back to Shanghai to move to a new place to live, I came across a wooden washboard that had been used by my grandmother. And I had a moment of enlightenment. The structure of a washboard is like a mounted painting. The upper and lower parts of a washboard are comparable to the silk brocades mounted above and below a painting; and the part in the middle of a washboard is just like a painting surface.”

In the past two months, we have invited our artists to record video

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