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Wu Dayu’s early modernist paintings

Wu Dayu’s Nude Woman by the Window exemplifies the painter’s earlier modernist style. Wu had studied in Paris in the 1920s. Apart from the impact of European modernism and interwar classicism, Wu endowed the painting with a sense of liveliness reminiscent of watercolor. On a figurative composition, Wu’s application of colors has an overall abstract quality. Each streak of color does not cover or mix with another. Alternations between the color of red, brown, and blue form a rhythmic whole on the painting canvas. Researchers often associate Wu’s later paintings with the combination of traditional Chinese aesthetics and European modernism. In line with this, this earlier piece also manifests a thread of abstraction congenial with the visual language of ink painting.

Wu Dayu, Nude Woman by the Window, oil painting on canvas, 1928. Huang Wenzhong, Wu Dayu Yanjiu 吴大羽研究 [Research on Wu Dayu](Xiamen: Xiamen University Press: 2015), p 85.
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