Fung was born in Guangdong Province of China(b.1951) and raised in Hong Kong. He is now based in Hong Kong after living in New York and Taipei. Apart from practicing calligraphy and seal carving, Fung also writes essays, fictions, and poems.

Fung began carving seals in 1975. He holds the view that seals should be an art form independent from its impression-making function. To free seal carving from its functional purposes, Fung altered the structure of Chinese characters, compositions, the surface texture of woodblocks, and the materiality of seals. Since 1996, Fung has been devoting himself to calligraphy. Up until now, the artist has invented more than one hundred calligraphic scripts.

Fung’s works have been collected by a number of major art institutions, including The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; the White Rabbit Collection, Sydney; the Brooklyn Museum; the Philadelphia Museum of Art; the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, among others. Fung held a major solo retrospective at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum in 1999. He was an artist in residence at Cambridge University in 2004. In 2008, Hermes invited Fung to create a tableware pattern titled “Les Poemes du Mandarin”.


Fung Ming Chip

1951 Born in Guangdong, China


Solo Exhibitions

2020 The Null Set, Fu Qiumeng Fine Art, New York, USA

2017 MEME, Galerie Du Monde, Hong Kong, China

2015 Shu-fa Sutra, Galerie Du Monde, Hong Kong, China

2013 Meaning in Timing, Sin Sin Fine Art, Hong Kong, China

Fung Ming Chip Solo Exhibition, M. Sutherland Fine Arts, New York, USA

2012 To Be & Not To Be, The Private Museum, Singapore

2011 Asia One Art Fair, Sin Sin Fine Art, Hong Kong, China

Miami Art Fair, State of Florida, China

2010 Fung Ming Chip Solo Exhibition, Sin Sin Fine Art, Hong Kong, China

2007 Fung Ming Chip Solo Exhibition, Gebert Contemporary, Santa Fe,

New Mexico, USA

2006 Recent Work, Fung Ming Chip, Alisan Fine Arts, Hong Kong, China

Fung Ming Chip Solo Exhibition, Leda Fletcher Gallery, Shanghai,

China & Geneva, Switzerland


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