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Michael Cherney Film

Michael Cherney: A Profile of Michael Cherney 秋麦掠影, 2018, 4 min

Present by
University Museum and Art Gallery : The University of Hong Kong
Fu Qiumeng Fine Art

Director: Yongqing Chen
Producer: Yongqing Chen
Director of Photography: Muqing Li

Michael Cherney: A Profile of Michael Cherney 

“My photography is for a specific purpose. It is for recording a long-scale view of history.”

Fu Qiumeng Fine Art and the University Museum and Art Gallery of the University of Hong Kong jointly present A Profile of Michael Cherney. The film was made in conjunction with the show of Arnold Chang and Michael Cherney at the University Museum and Art Gallery of the University of Hong Kong, entitled From 2 Arises 3: The Collaborative Works of Arnold Chang and Michael Cherney. In this film, you will hear about the following themes: the relationship between photography and history, factors that influence his visual language (season and time, the camera and the film, the use of xuan paper), and how the practice of photography mediates between the artist and the world.


Michael Cherney studied Chinese language and history at the State University of New York at Binghamton, followed by graduate language study at Beijing Language Institute. A self- taught photographer, Cherney’s formal studies, combined with his rigorous personal studies of China’s art historical past, have resulted in his abiding appreciation and even reverence for China’s rich history and painting tradition, particularly landscape painting. His relationship with China has been deepened by his residence in Beijing for well over two decades along with his extensive travel throughout China, seeking out the specific sites that have historical relevance to his work. He has described his art as a way “to look upon a place imbued with a vast (sometimes daunting) accumulation of history and cultural memory, and then to capture one instant, fleeting, tangible moment of it with a photograph.”


秋萌画廊与香港大学美术博物馆共同制作了视频《秋麦掠影》。这段视频是为香港大学美术博物馆所展出的《二生三: 张洪秋麦合作展》制作的。在这个视频中,秋麦谈到了下列主题:摄影与历史之间的关系,影响摄影最终呈现的一些因素(包括季节和时间,摄像机与胶片,宣纸的使用),以及摄影如何影响了秋麦与世界之间的关系。

秋麦毕业于纽约州立大学宾汉顿校区,主修中国文学和历史,后至北京语言学院进修中文。后自学摄影和中国艺术史。秋麦的学术背景和对中国艺术史的钻研使得他对中国山水画传统心怀永久的欣赏与敬意。秋麦居住于北京二十余年,通过摄影旅行广泛游历了中国大地。在跋涉中,他不断寻找和艺术史有关的古迹、地点, 旨在 “凝望着一个承载着广大的历史和文化记忆的地方,用摄影来捕捉它的某个瞬间, 虽转眼即逝,却也真实存在。”

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