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Jerry Uelsmann’s photographic collage and post-visualization

Untitled (Boat and Moon) by Jerry Uelsmann, 1982, gelatin silver print, Honolulu Museum of Art, accession 2015-45-01. Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Untitled_(Boat_and_Moon)_by_Jerry_Uelsmann,_1982.jpg), used for critical commentary on the work in question

Jerry Uelsmann (b. 1934) is known for his photomontage that combines landscape, body parts, and architectural elements in dream-like compositions. Uelsmann’s works are always in black-and-white and shot on film. He normally uses three or four enlargers to combine the negatives in the darkroom. In 1967, he theorized his practice as “post-visualization, which refers to “the willingness on the part of the photographer to re-visualize the final image at any point in the entire photographic process,” rather than fixing the final image to certain decisive moments. In Untitled (1982), Uelsmann combines a boat, a cloud-laden sky, and a circle in a symbolic image that may remind people of spiritual journeys.

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