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High Hanging Fruits — Podcast | Authentic or Forgery?

[You can listen to the podcast episode here:; you can also search “High Hanging Fruits” in Apple Podcast and Spotify; listeners in China can search “跳一跳摘到的果子” in喜马拉雅 and 网易云音乐]

The podcast “High Hanging Fruits” is hosted by playwright Zhu Yi and astrophysicist Liu Jia. In its latest episode, Fu Qiumeng talks about the show Authentic or Forgery: How does a Chinese Connoisseur Work? Fangyu Wang’s Research on Bada Shanren, as well as her thoughts on ink painting, forgery, art auction, and running a gallery in New York. Some of the questions she addresses include: How to look at classical Chinese painting? Who are interested in classical Chinese art in the west? What do contemporary artists paint with ink and wash?

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