MUSÉE Magazine|Exhibition Review: “Yet, Only Voice Echoed.”

Curated by Cathy Fan, the Chief Editor of Artnet China, “Yet, Only Voice Echoed” is a poetic journey of translation between text and image, ancient and contemporary, as well as East and West, while challenging and complicating these simplistic divisions in the process. It will be on view through Aug. 21.

Madame Figaro Column|The Recluse Culture: Chinese Classical Landscape Paintings’ Spirituality and its Developments in Time

Madame Figaro invited Fu Qiumeng to write a column about classical Chinese culture. In her article, Fu talks about how artists of the ancient and contemporary periods address the theme of reclusion, a classical theme in Chinese literati culture. She contextualizes this theme with the philosophy of Confucianism and Daoism. Based on this framework, she compares two sets of paintings—Wu Zhen’s Fisherman (《芦滩钓艇图》) (ca. 1530) and two photographs from Michael Cherney’s (add link to artist page) series Eight Views of the Xiao Xiang (Eight Views of the Xiao Xiang- Fishing Village in Evening Glow《潇湘八景之渔村落照》(2008–2009) and Eight Views of the Xiao Xiang- Mountain Market, Clearing Mist《潇湘八景之山市晴岚》(2008–2009)), Bada Shanren’s Simple and Solitary(《古澹萧寥》)(1864) and Yau Wing Fung’s (add link to artist page) Mirage VI (《蜃境-六》) (2019). According to Fu, reclusion does not necessarily mean the separation from society. Rather, it can be a gesture of resistance. By taking one step back, literati may find a profound way of connecting with their mind and nature, which inspires their cultural production in various forms.

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