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Catch a glimpse of life-Fung Ming-chip

Catch a glimpse of life—Fung Ming-chip , 2020, 2 min

Video: Fung Ming-chip
Editor: Q Lin

Catch a glimpse of life—Fung Ming-chip

“All lines are beautiful, as long as an artist knows how to use them. Having freed lines from traditional constraints, I find new ways to explore and create lines.”

In the past two months, we have invited our artists to record video clips that offer glimpses of their life and thoughts during quarantine. In this video, artist Fung Ming Chip explains his thoughts about the visual logic of Chinese landscape painting in a simple yet intriguing manner. This part of the video includes three sections: “The Spirit of Lines: Traces of a Rolling Egg”; “The Spirit of Lines: The Boundary of Darkness”; and “The Spirit of Lines: The Reason of Instruments”. At the end of the video, the artist showcases the amplifier he made by himself.

Fung began carving seals in 1975. He holds the view that seals should be an art form independent from its impression-making function. To free seal carving from its functional purposes, Fung altered the structure of Chinese characters, compositions, the surface texture of woodblocks, and the materiality of seals. Since 1996, Fung has been devoting himself to calligraphy. Up until now, the artist has invented more than one hundred calligraphic scripts.


2020上半年,我们暂停了展览开放。画廊联合艺术家推出了“Catch a Glimpse of Life”系列短片,艺术家们亲自录制了特殊时期居家创作与生活的片断。在下面这段视频中,冯明秋通过简明而奇妙的方式呈现了自己对中国传统山水画的视觉逻辑的思考。这部分分为三个主题:“线魂 滚蛋痕迹”“ 线魂 暗之边界”和“ 线魂 工具的理性”。  在视频末尾,艺术家呈现了自己近日制作的音响。

冯明秋从1975年开始制作篆刻。他认为篆刻应该成为独立于其实用功能的艺术媒介。通过字体、构图、印章表面肌理和材质方面的创新,冯明秋拓展了篆刻的视觉呈现方式。 自1996年开始,冯明秋致力于书法创作。他通过发明新的书写方式,探索书法的空间、时间、概念、线条等面向。至今,冯明秋所发明的字体数量已有一百余种。

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