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Catch a glimpse of life — Wang Mansheng

Catch a glimpse of life—Wang Mansheng , 2020, 9 min 30 s

Video: Wang Mansheng
Editor: Q Lin

Catch a glimpse of life—Wang Mansheng

“Lately, I have gathered the seeds I collected before. I have been doing research on these seeds. Then I will determine how to proceed with my painting”

In the past two months, we have invited our artists to record video clips that offer glimpses of their life and thoughts during quarantine. In this video, Wang Mansheng will talk about his neighborhood, his everyday life and thoughts, as well as his latest album, a tribute to one of the artist’s friends who had passed away.

Wang started practicing calligraphy and digging deep into Chinese classical literature on his own in his early years, growing up with five siblings in a coal mining town in Northern China. Following his graduation in 1985 from the Chinese Department of Fudan University in Shanghai, where he majored in classical Chinese, Wang worked for over a decade as an editor, director and producer at China Central Television in Beijing. His work took him throughout China, where he experienced museums, natural landscapes and cultural scenes.  Early on in his career, Dunhuang’s caves, wall paintings, and sculpture, as well as the endless desert, far-away hills and mountains greatly influenced his ideas on use of media, brush strokes, and tools. In 1996, he immigrated to the United States where he began his career as an artist, adeptly combining his Eastern education and philosophy with Western perspectives.


2020上半年,我们暂停了展览开放。画廊联合艺术家推出了“Catch a Glimpse of Life”系列短片,艺术家们亲自录制了特殊时期居家创作与生活的片断。在下面这段视频中,王满晟会谈到疫情期间他所在社区的情况,他在家的生活和思考,以及他最近在创作的一个册页,据艺术家所说,这个册页寄托了他对一个已故朋友的思念。


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