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Arnold Chang Film

Interview with Arnold Chang, 2018, 4 min

Director: Eva Chen
Producer: Eva Chen
Director of Photography: Daniel Guillaro
Editor: June Jin
Sound: Logan Byers
Colorist: June Jin
Production Assistant: Kaini Zhou

Interview with Arnold Chang 被误解的传统

“ There is a misconception about tradition. People think tradition means past, but actually tradition is ongoing. And the opposite of tradition is not contemporary. One can be both contemporary and traditional. In fact, in order to really understand tradition, it is imperative that you find a way to make it relevant and make it continue into the present and the future. “

Fu Qiumeng Fine Art presents “Interview with Arnold Chang.” The video was made in conjunction with the show of Arnold Chang and Michael Cherney at the University Museum and Art Gallery of the University of Hong Kong, entitled From 2 Arises 3: The Collaborative Works of Arnold Chang and Michael Cherney. In this interview, you will hear about Arnold Chang’s understanding of Chinese landscape painting, brushwork, and the medium of ink painting.

Arnold Chang’s Studio in Lake Parsippany

Arnold Chang

You will also hear Arnold Chang talk about his painting practice in relation to his identity as a Chinese American, as well as his conception of the relationship between the traditional and the contemporary.

A Chinese art curator, researcher, scholar, and teacher of Chinese painting and connoisseurship, Arnold Chang received traditional literati painting training in his early life. He applies the materials, tools and techniques that were widely used in China since the 10th century to create; and is dedicated to exploring the beauty of balance in water, ink, brushwork, and linear rhythm. His work includes ink linear experiments, abstract landscape, and collaborative works that combine photography and painting.


秋萌画廊基于一次与艺术家张洪的访谈制作了视频《被误解的传统》。这段视频是为香港大学美术博物馆所展出的《二生三: 张洪秋麦合作展》制作的。在这个访谈中,大家将听到张洪对中国山水画、笔墨和水墨画的媒介的理解。大家也将了解到水墨画实践如何影响了艺术家对个人身份的理解,以及艺术家对传统与现代之间关系的理解。

张洪是一位接受过中国正统文人水墨绘画训练的艺术家,同时身兼策展人、 艺术史学者、鉴定家等身份。他运用十世纪中国文人广泛使用的材料、工具和技法来创作,致力于探索水、墨、笔触和线条运动的平衡之美。 他的作品包括水墨线型实验、抽象山水以及影像绘画

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