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在NYC寻找山水 Hidden Landscape in New York CIty New

Yau Wing Fung - Exhibition Fu Qiumeng Fine Art, New York City

Yau Wing Fung : The Hidden Landscape in NYC, 2019, 2 min

Directed & Written by Dayan Liu
Edited by Jason Wen
Directors of photography by Dayan Liu & Jason Wen

Yau Wing Fung : The Hidden Landscape in NYC

“ In my paintings, smoke and cloud are scattered amongst rock fragments. Sometimes they seem fleeting and transient, sometimes they form groups. This complicates the relationship between time and space, creating an imaginary place in which viewers can wander about. ”  

Art Crush Film presents a documentary film Yau Wing Fung : The Hidden Landscape in NYC The film is directed by Dayan Liu. In this film, you will see the installation view of Yau’s first solo exhibition, All’s well, ends well., shown at Fu Qiumeng Fine Art in New York from September 13 to November 9, 2019. At the end of the film, Yau talks about his search for harmony and unity between technology and nature.

Yau Wing Fung’s Studio

Yau works on an installation in his studio 

Yau is especially interested in new aesthetic possibilities brought about by technology. A direct reference for Yau is satellite image, especially those used for recording weather changes and geographic information. A satellite often produces a sequence of images when photographing a large area or recording changes over a period of time. The interpretation of this congregate of information involves the reading of the general layout, as well as analysis of the convergences and variations between different images. By appropriating the format of satellite images, Yau gestured towards a similar viewership. Viewers are likely to constantly shift their attention between individual parts and the whole composition, between the reading of consecutive grids and the sight of a landscape.


秋萌画廊和Art Crush Film联合制作了关于艺术家邱荣丰(1990年出生于香港)的短片《寻找山水》。导演是刘大雁。这个短片记录了邱荣丰在纽约首次展览的现场。展览名为All’s well, ends well,从2019年9月13日到2019年11月9日在秋萌画廊展出。在影片的结尾,邱荣丰介绍了自己的创作思路,他认为:“我的作品是希望表现一种时空的关系,在科技与自然之间,寻求一种和谐与统一。




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