Fu Qiumeng Fine Art is a New York-based art space. It is dedicated to repositioning Asia contemporary art in the global realm and promoting artworks concerning classical philosophy, aesthetics, and culture of East Asia. Amidst rapid changes of contemporary art, we aim to redefine the relationship between the traditional and the contemporary through a series of art projects in Beijing and New York.


Art Director: Xinran Guo


Guo has been writing about art for more than ten years. Her research focuses on modern and contemporary art in and outside East Asia, especially concepts and practices that traverse existing discursive boundaries. Her writings have appeared on Artforum and artforum.cn. She holds a doctoral degree in art history from Northwestern University, a master’s degree in East Asian studies from Stanford University, and a bachelor's degree in sociology from Peking University.


Technical Director: Zon Zhang


Having worked for years in the digital marketing industry in New York, Zhang is an expert in digital marketing and interactive design. In the past, Zhang worked on the design and research of academic databases at one of the Top 5 Internet research companies Ithaka Harbors. Later on he worked at a startup digital marketing company in New York, in charge of marketing data analysis, interactive design, and full stack development. Zhang holds a master’s degree in design and technology from Parsons and a bachelor’s degree in communication arts from Virginia Commonwealth University.


Mona Qiumeng Fu


Fu has years of work experience at auctions houses in the capacity of Chinese traditional painting and calligraphy expert.  In 2015, she founded Fu Qiumeng Fine Art. Works of the artists that her gallery represents have been shown and exhibited at public institutions including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the British Museum, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Guggenheim Museum, and the M+ Hong Kong. In 2018, Fu founded Wuge Culture and Technology Ltd. in Beijing, with the aim of exploring innovative realms of development in art of the 21st century. She holds a master’s degree in leadership for creative enterprises from Northwestern University and a bachelor’s degree in communication from Michigan State University.


Fu Qiumeng Fine Art and Wuge Culture and Technology are dedicated to promoting artworks related to traditional culture, creating new ways for millennials to approach art, redefining the relationship between the traditional and the contemporary, and broadening the impact of Asia contemporary art in the global realm.