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Chen Ronghui: Postcards from America (Dual Self-Portraits)

Postcards from America(Dual Self-Portraits), 2020, 3 min 20 second

Video Produced by Chen Ronghui

Postcards from America(Dual Self-Portraits)

Postcards from America(Dual Self-Portraits)  is the first time for the artist Chen Ronghui to use selfie in artistic practice. The artist uses the dual camera function of his smartphone (front and rear cameras open at the same time) to take a selfie, which records the artist’s personal changes and the scene that the artist’s eyes see at that moment. On the back of these postcards, the artist wrote down his daily thoughts and reflections, and made postcards together with photos of the diaries written by Yung Wing, the first Chinese student to come to the United States.


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